Student Activities

KIIT Polytechnic prepares the engineering professionals to achieve the most of their potential through broad range of programmes, services and facilities to build a community and engage students as active learners and responsible citizens.

Various programmes are arranged to create leaders amongst the students and nurture the extra-curricular talents.

  • Annual techno-cultural festival, “Kuhutaan”.
  • Fresher welcome ceremony, “Aarohan”.
  • Celebration of “Foundation Day”.
  • Celebration of worshipping the Gods & Goddesses like Lord Biswakarma, Lord Ganesha and Lord Saraswati.
  • Celebration of Days to mark various occasions, like Engineers’ Day. Every Wednesday is treated as “English Speaking Day”.
  • Participation in celebrations to mark the nation’s sovereignty and independence like Independence Day and Republic Day.
  • Participation in Annual Athletic Meet, Indoor Sports, inter-branch and inter-college competitions in Cricket, Football, Volleyball and Basketball.
  • Display of the literary skills in the annual magazine “Karmakaara” and Wall Magazine “Kalikaa”.

Apart from different competitions and events, steps are also taken to nurture the budding talents in singing, dancing with expert guidance.